From the smallest backyard doghouse to building a dream home from scratch, remodeling projects is where E-Z Flow has come to shine, throughout the Hudson Valley. Yes, we may have started out only doing gutters. But that was over 20 years ago, and in that time, we have seen it all and built (or re-built) almost anything you can imagine. At this point, the knowledge and experience on our core team has become as good as any architect, construction or design/build firm out there.


Whether a second story addition, deck or porch add-on or a room expansion, E-Z Flow Innovations will help you create the home you want by adding strategically and tastefully to your existing home. Popular additions include:

  • Extending the family room
  • Expanding for a more spacious master bedroom
  • Luxurious living room addition
  • Enlarged kitchen
  • Outdoor deck
  • Enclosed, three-season porch

Kitchens + Baths

Both of these rooms get used. A lot. And we all know how critical they are for resale. Whether you're looking for a simple counter resurfacing, a historically-accurate restoration or a modern overhaul, we have a team of trained and experienced professionals to execute your project beautifully. Updates for your kitchen renovation might include:

  • new appliances
  • cabinets
  • sinks
  • counter tops
  • tiles
  • flooring
  • backsplashes

We will work with you to customize the perfect solution for you that will capitalize on the functionality and space of your kitchen remodel.

We can also help you choose new elements to transform your bathroom into a comfortable and elegant sanctuary. New elements might include:

  • vanities
  • faucets
  • sinks
  • bathtubs
  • showers to transform into a comfortable and elegant sanctuary.


It's bound to happen. With the northeast weather comes siding wear and tear. Is your siding cracked, worn or faded? Are you just bored with the look you've had for a while now? New siding and trim will instantly revitalize the appearance of your house.

One of the most commonly used types of siding is vinyl, which is the most affordable option. For this, we like Masco Structured Siding and insulated foamback siding. It's stronger and you don't see the seams. It looks the best as far as vinyl goes. But our favorite, though pricier, is James Hardy siding. It's just better, hands-down, so we made sure to become a certified installer for this. There's also cedar shakes, clapboard, stucco... We can do anything of course, but our opinion will always be to get you the best products within your budget.


Remodeling your basement is a great way to add usable space to your home. And we realize that furnaces, pipes and other structural elements that live in your basement may need improvement or updating in order to make a comfortable, efficient and safe living space. We're on that, too. Popular uses for a basement remodel include:

  • home theater
  • cocktail or wet bar
  • wine cellar
  • game room 
  • home gym
  • guest bedroom
  • play room
  • office or work area
  • entertainment center

All in all, from start to finish, our expert team can guide you from our first conversation through project completion. We always offer honest, straightforward quotes, a detailed plan and work schedule, and your dream realized... on time, and on budget.