Not a lot of people day dream about gutters, but we do! It's because no matter how you feel about them, they're an indispensable part of your home.


  • control moisture,
  • protect your foundation and backfill,
  • shield windows and doors,
  • protect your plants, shrubs and fascia,
  • increase your roof's overhang,
  • prevent splash back,
  • and catch water runoff?

Seamless gutters are the best solution for drainage. No seams = no leaking. And our team has genuinely deep knowledge of gutter systems, roofing, and the mechanics of it all to set up and install your gutters properly. For example, we're not going to come install new gutters if you're roof is falling down. At E-Z Flow, we look at every job from a big picture standpoint to make sure the work is done right and to last the long haul. Never any pressure, just 100% honesty and careful consideration.


K Style 5" and 6" seamless gutters (the ones that look like crown moldings) are all custom made on site by our rolling forming machines to ensure a perfect fit for your home. 

  • 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" downspouts
  • 032 heaviest gauge aluminum in 17 color choices
  • all types of copper available
  • hidden pipe cleats and strip miters are used on all installations


When installing gutters, everyone should consider 6". First of all, they're bigger, which is a good thing for a couple of reasons. Not only is it an inch wider to hold more volume, they're also a considerable amount deeper. The outlet on 6" gutters is almost double the size of a standard 5" outlet. Also, honestly, they look better. Some people are afraid that the bigger gutter won't look better, but in this case, the 6" size looks more like crown molding.

Half round gutters are also available in aluminum, copper, galvanized and Rheinzink options in 5" and 6" sizes, with various types of downspouts.


In our 25 years of gutter installation, we've tried a variety of systems to help keep gutters clear and have come to the conclusion that screens are the most effective and affordable option. Nothing is 100% but there are certain options that are better than others. Although we can install any product that's available, we've learned many times over what kind of high prices and promises are out there when it comes to this part of the job. We're happy to discuss all options with you of course, but are firm believers that screens will help keep your gutters from being clogged, save you on gutter cleaning costs and eliminate the risk and annoyance of attempting to clean them out yourself!


We have a team that regularly services a wide range of properties 1x or 2x a year. Ask us about setting up an annual contract that's right for your home and rest easy that we've got it taken care of, year after year.

In addition to cleaning and servicing the gutters, we also make sure to:

  • clear debris from the roof, around chimneys, skylights
  • inspect, caulk, seal or replace flashings and penetrations
  • secure and replace nail pops and loose shingles