We know how tempting it is to save a few bucks and go the DIY route, but unless you are simply plugging in a surge protector or swapping out a light bulb, it's much safer to opt for a licensed professional electrician. With Master Electrician Lenny Turner, formerly of Turnerson's Electric, on our team at E-Z Flow, we're able to meet all your electrical needs... from new electrical systems to retrofit and repair. 

Our services include:

  • diagnosis and repair
  • installation and upgrades
  • electrical improvements from ceiling fans and fixture installation to electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades
  • specialty home and outdoor lighting 
  • energy conservation options
  • electrical system maintenance

Whatever your needs, we want to help you reap the benefits electrical improvements can offer you and your family, including energy and cost savings, and improved value, safety and security. We always offer free consultations and estimates for our services, so give us a call if you need electrical assistance or just want to hash out some lighting ideas you have for your home.